Tax Credit Benefits White Mountain Veterans Transition Assistance

Arizona Qualified Charitable Organizations Tax Credit Program (AZQCO)

Walking Down Ranch (WDR) has assisted more than 650 veterans since 2014, and is state approved to receive and utilize donations under the AZ Qualified Charitable Organization. With these funds WDR provides transitional housing, food, clothing, medical transportation, and other services to assist veterans.

This tax credit donation is a WIN-WIN for any Arizona taxpayer. Receive a tax credit AND help Arizona veterans

How the Tax Credit Works:

Anyone who pays state taxes is eligible for the tax credit, which is not the same as a deduction on your income tax form. For example: if you owe $1,000 in state income tax, and you donate $800, you may subtract the $800 from your tax bill and pay the state only $200. You can also use your $800 donation as a federal income tax deduction.

  • The AZQCO tax credit is available to you even if you don’t itemize deductions on your taxes.
  • The AZQCO tax credit can be taken in addition to the Private and Public School Tax Credits offered by the state of Arizona
  • A married couple can receive a tax credit for up to $800; a single taxpayer can receive a tax credit for up to $400.

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We Need You!

The communities of the White Mountains are arguably some of the most generous in our great country. At Walking Down Ranch, we realize our success is a community success! Veterans Village-Lakeside will be a model for how a community can turn a vacant property into a thriving environment where veterans can transition into a new chapter in their lives, but the truth is, we can’t make this dream become a reality without the help of the talented members of our business community.

We are seeking people who are willing to donate a few hours of their time each month to provide legal consultation, medical screening, counseling services, haircuts, dental services, financial advice, building materials, clothing, and of course, the generous financial donations that will help ensure Veterans Village-Lakeside remains a viable transitional-housing option for those who have given so much to preserve our freedom.

If you would like to volunteer your time, treasure, or talent please click here to contact Walking Down Ranch.

To make a quick easy online donation click the donate button. Your receipt will be emailed to you promptly.


Make your check payable to Walking Down Ranch and mail to:

PO Box 804
Concho, AZ 85924

Your receipt will be mailed to you promptly.

So Many Ways to Help

We have several ways you can help us with this worthwhile cause: drop your spare coins and cash into a local donation box, sponsor a Veterans Village cabin, join our 575 Club, volunteer, or come by and shop at our Veterans Village Thrift Store.

If you wish, you may make contributions to the 575 Club by cash, stock, or bond deposits at Edward Jones in Pinetop. If you have questions, please speak with Chris.

For Cabin Sponsorships, you may donate by check to
Walking Down Ranch
P.O. Box 804
Concho, AZ 85924

Your kindness and generosity are most appreciated and your donation is tax deductible.

Walking Down Ranch donation boxes (image)

So Many Things We Need


  • Log chinking to repair 21 cabins
  • 6 exterior doors
  • 10 dead bolt locksets
  • 19 awnings for cabin entrances
  • 21 4 ft. concrete stoops
  • 40 2’×2′ double-paned windows
  • 40 3’×4′ double-paned windows
  • 4- 6’×8′ double-paned windows
  • 2 Roofs: 500 sq. ft.
  • 1 Roof: 1600 sq. ft.
  • 1 Roof: 1800 sq. ft.
  • 2×4, 2×6, 1×2, 1×4, 1×6 lumber
  • Exterior siding
  • 6 Storage sheds
  • Gravel or stone for parking and driveway
  • 6 ¾” water main shut-off valves
  • 20 exterior doormats


  • Ceiling repair of water leaks in Thrift Store
  • Fireplace repairs, chimney, screen replacement, and cleaning
  • Exterior log repairs on 19 cabins: stain/seal and log-rot patch material
  • Exterior repairs on Thrift Shop: front, sides and back stucco/siding, window trim, and paint
  • Structure repair to roof, ceiling, and foundation of office building


  • 1 Gas-powered lawn mower
  • 1 Tractor or snowplow
  • Exercise equipment
  • Tools


  • 17 $3000 Cabin Sponsors for 2018 to help with utility cost and continued plumbing repairs
  • 575 Club Members donating $1000 each for purchase of property

Donations of land, stock, bonds, monetary funds, or vehicles gladly accepted.


  • Insulation for ceilings of 19 cabins: 500 sq. ft. of 2-inch ridged foam sheeting each
  • Floor covering for 19 – 460 sq. ft. cabins plus one loft
  • Floor covering for 1600 sq. ft. Thrift Store

Appliances & Fixtures:

  • 15 Apartment-sized gas stoves
  • 21 On-demand water heaters to replace existing as needed
  • 5 Gas water heaters
  • 4 Molded shower stalls
  • 4 Sets of shower fixtures
  • 3 Free-standing bathroom sinks
  • 1 Bathroom toilet
  • 1 Ship or spiral staircase
  • 4 Washers
  • 4 Gas-powered dryers
  • 16 CO2/fire alarms, hard-wired
  • 19 Fire extinguishers
  • 19 Ceiling fans


  • 19 Cookware sets
  • 17 Dish sets
  • 17 Glassware sets
  • 14 Toasters
  • 16 Silverware and cooking utensils sets
  • 15 Apartment-sized tables and chairs
  • 17 Canister sets
  • 17 10” cast iron fry pans
  • 17 14” cast iron fry pans
  • 12 Coffee makers
  • 16 Dish drainers and trayS
  • 16 Baking pans sets
  • 16 Scrubber, towels, and pot holders sets
  • 19 Crockpots
  • 17 Aluminum bath & kitchen trash can sets
  • 16 Broom, mop, dustpan, and pail sets


  • 16 Towels, rugs, and shower curtain with liner sets
  • 16 Trash cans


  • 15 End tables
  • 16 Dressers
  • 14 Nightstands
  • 15 Bedroom lamps
  • 14 Queen-size linens, comforter, pillows, rug, and blanket sets
  • 6 Twin-size linens, comforter, pillow, and rug sets
  • 2 Bunk beds with linens, comforter, and pillow sets
  • 14 Clocks


  • 17 Laundry baskets

Living room

  • 19 Pole lamps
  • 17 Door rugs
  • 68 Curtain sets (63″) with 32 matching valances
  • 15 Sofa bed love seats
  • 19 Flat-screen televisions
  • 19 DVD players


  • 8 computers
  • 2 color printers


  • Cleaning and paper supplies
  • Furniture polish, glass cleaner, dish detergent, pine-scented cleaner, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Canned and dry foods

No donation is too small all donations are greatly appreciated!